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How Will Sydney’s Newest Airport Change the Construction Industry?

The Western Sydney Airport, Sydney’s newest airport, could change the construction industry in Australia as we know it. As with any construction project, the cost considerations are most important. However, delivering a high-quality end product that challenges the traditional methods of construction could transform how construction jobs in Sydney are performed in the foreseeable future.

Small-to-medium-sized enterprises make up the vast majority of the Western Sydney economy. With construction worldwide trending toward the off-site manufacture model, these enterprises could benefit in many ways from the Western Sydney Airport construction project. Here’s how.

Construction Costs

Companies are always looking for labour hire in Sydney, and the Western Sydney Airport construction project will be no exception. Unfortunately, the wages of the construction workers could prove to be an issue unless productivity levels increase significantly. Many experts believe the Western Sydney Airport project can prove that high wages are justified when quality work can be delivered both within budget and in a reasonable timeframe.

Construction at Airport image

Construction at Airports, has it’s own, unique Challenges

The Future of Construction Could Be Defined

If the Western Sydney Airport construction project is a success, we could see the demand for construction jobs in Sydney increase. But if the project doesn’t deliver the results needed, then we could see projects continue to trend toward a move overseas. The government has a unique opportunity, as the steward of this project, to serve as a catalyst and help revitalize an industry that continues to see its jobs go elsewhere. But the real test will fall to those who win the project and whether or not they can complete it to satisfaction.

New Strategic Principles May Change The Industry

With high wages being an issue with labour hire, one of the strategic principles could be to reduce construction budgets significantly. There are many different creative ways to achieve this feat, but it won’t come without challenges. A project of this magnitude doesn’t present itself often in Sydney, so companies will be looking for valuable labour hire. Delegating tasks between different entities could have the effect of bringing the project’s budget down by eliminating project bloat, while adding bonus incentives could motivate those same entities to work more efficiently and safely.

Construction jobs will undoubtedly increase in Sydney thanks to the Western Sydney Airport. Because it’s such a large project, people with a wide array of experience levels and skill sets will be needed to help complete it. And have just the candidates to fulfil the airport construction openings. Reach out to to the Parramatta office on 02 9939 2550.

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