Why Live in a Shipping Container

Why Live in a Shipping Container

Want to live out your days in a shipping container?

Of course you do.

The hippest new place to live, might not be what you expect…

What if I told you that you could have the home of your dreams for less than $100,000?

Now, what if I also said you could build this home next to a multi-million dollar properties?

Let me introduce you to shipping container homes. The latest craze sweeping the States, and how these low budget homes might just belong in Australia.


All of The Perks

The Average property price in Sydney is $1 million+. Even then, you’re probably compromising.

If you were to go the route of a shipping container home the phrase ‘less is more’ becomes reality.

For just $29,500, this structurally strong and weatherproof container seems almost too good to be true.

Essentially this home is built from the ground up as you decide placement and cut out holes for doors and windows and decide how many containers you want to use and whether you’d like to build up or out.

Anything you have on your dream home list can be checked off because all you have to do is add it in.

These homes also are eco-friendly, and can be built in just a few weeks!

Allowing for easy expansion, all you have to do is add another container either on top or to the side of it.


What Makes A Good Container

There are three different types of shipping containers that exist.

  1. A general purpose container which is the most sold type of container when it comes to building homes.
  2. The temperature controlled container. This is a container that can be heated, refrigerated, or insulated and could be handy for sections of the home that you need to remain a set temperature.
  3. The open top open side containers. These containers are good because they mimic an open roof or can allow large side windows as the containers top and sides come off.


Four Musts for Your New Home:

  1. This is your future home so make sure the container is wind and watertight.
  2. You also need to make sure the container has no dents, as it will show when your project is complete.
  3. Ensure the container is both rust and odour free.
  4. Make sure all doors on the container work properly.

Who is Needed?

Just as with any type of construction project tradesman will be needed at some point.

When it comes to these types of homes you will need to install: aircon, windows, doorways, electricity, flooring and plumbing.

If you’re lucky enough to find people who work consistently and quickly, the bill ends up being less because they no longer have the option of staying on site for months.

All in all these homes seem like good investments all the way around.

In addition to being cheap, eco-friendly, easy and quick to build.

They are also unique and end up as extremely beautiful properties.

If you’re looking at buying or building a home may I suggest you look at going the shipping container route, find a piece of land you love, spend that $100,000 on your home and use the rest for a holiday!

To learn more about shipping containers and starting the process contact us today.

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