What is a CN Crane Operator?

CN Crane Operator

What is a CN Crane Operator?

A CN crane operator is an experienced and highly skilled professional who operates cranes to move, lift, or lower materials in the building and construction industry.

A CN crane operator is responsible for safely operating cranes of various sizes to transport heavy loads such as steel beams, precast concrete components, pipes, machinery parts and other materials used in the construction process. The role of a CN crane operator requires knowledge of both mechanical engineering principles and safety regulations.

CN Crane Operator Job Description

CN crane operators typically work on large-scale projects involving the erection or dismantling of structures like bridges or high rise buildings. They must be able to read blueprints accurately so they can determine how much weight their crane can handle safely without damaging it or putting workers at risk.
In addition to lifting objects from one place to another using the controls on their machine, they may also need to attach cables onto items that will be moved by other machines such as forklifts or hoists. Additionally, some operators may need additional skills related to welding if they are required to assemble structural components with precision accuracy during assembly operations.

Specific Skills Needed

To become a successful CN crane operator there are several specific skills needed including:

  • Strong communication abilities
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination
  • Good problem solving capabilities
  • Attention detail; physical strength & stamina
  • Understanding of relevant safety standards & procedures
  • Ability operate all types equipment associated with operation (elevators/hoists)
  • Basic computer literacy (to enter data into tracking systems).

    As well as these technical requirements candidates should have experience working within tight deadlines while maintaining quality assurance standards throughout any project duration period.

Why It Is Important To The Building And Construction Industry In Australia?

The building and construction industry relies heavily upon safe operation practices when moving heavy loads around sites which makes having qualified professionals operating this type machinery essential for success completion projects efficiently whilst adhering strict health & safety protocols set out government legislation across the country.

By having certified personnel running jobsites day today basis companies can ensure best possible outcomes through adherence national guidelines thus reducing potential risks being taken unnecessarily leading potentially disastrous consequences not only financially but human life too . Furthermore trained individuals help maintain highest levels efficiency production helping meet customer demands time cost effectively ultimately driving growth sector overall.

Experience Required:

3 months at Dragon or at least 6 months in Australia

Typical Responsibilities:

Operating CN

Certificates Required:

CN – White Card