What is a Basic Rigger?

What is a Basic Rigger?

A basic rigger is an individual who specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of rigging systems used for lifting and moving heavy objects.

This job requires knowledge of engineering principles as well as safety regulations to ensure that all equipment is properly installed and maintained. Riggers are essential to many industries, particularly those related to building construction in Australia.

What Does a Basic Rigger Do?

The primary responsibility of a basic rigger is to install, maintain and repair rigging systems such as hoists, cranes, winches or slings.

These pieces of equipment must be correctly assembled according to industry standards so they can safely lift large loads without causing damage or injury.

A basic rigger also inspects existing rigs for any signs of wear or tear before use and makes necessary repairs if needed. They may also need to provide instruction on how best to operate these pieces of machinery when requested by their employer or clientele. Finally, they should be able keep accurate records regarding the inspection process so that future inspections can take place with ease.

Specific Skills Needed

In order for someone interested in becoming a basic rigger in Australia there are certain skills required:

  • Knowledgeable about engineering principles:
    It’s important that anyone looking into this career understands the basics behind engineering principles including structural design calculations which will help them accurately assemble rigs while adhering strictly with safety regulations
  • Good problem-solving abilities:
    Assembling complex machines like cranes require individuals who have good problem solving skills since unexpected issues could arise during assembly
  • Physical strength & stamina:
    Rigging involves working with heavy materials which means physical strength & stamina are essential qualities
  • Attention To Detail:
    Inspections must be done carefully otherwise small details might go unnoticed leading up potentially dangerous situations
  • Ability To Follow Instructions:
    Understanding technical instructions from employers/clients needs careful attention since it’ll dictate how successful installations turn out
  • Communication Skills:
    Being able communicate effectively both verbally & written form helps create better relationships between employees/clients making sure everyone involved understand each other’s expectations clearly throughout entire projects.

Why Is This Job Important In The Building And Construction Industry In Australia?

Riggers play an integral role within the building and construction industry because they make sure all lifting operations run smoothly without any potential risks associated with incorrect assembly procedures being overlooked due improper inspections taking place beforehand resulting possible accidents happening down line further along project timeline(s).

Furthermore, having qualified personnel performing tasks like assembling crane booms ensures proper load distribution takes place.