what are the the benefits of casual construction work?

What are the benefits of casual construction work?

If you are thinking about getting into construction as a worker, then you are probably weighing the pros and cons of being a casual construction worker. Here we outline the top 4 benefits of working in construction as a casual.

#1 Increased Pay

Probably the single best thing about being a casual worker is the higher hourly rate compared to doing the same work on a permanent basis.
Casual construction workers are paid more to account for not being eligible for paid annual leave, paid sick leave and redundancy. This is called casual loading. Under the national award Casual Construction Workers earn an additional 25% per hour!

#2 A Great Way for Unskilled Workers To Enter the Industry

If you are looking for a new opportunity, and do not have professional experience, casual work is a great way to build your foundation. 

It gives you a chance to get your feet wet without committing a large amount of time and money. In other words, you get the opportunity to decide whether you should invest more to go further in the industry.

It also gives you access to references for additional work, and more insight into how you can go about building your skills. For example, you could invest in tradie ticket training courses to increase your tickets, skills and take home pay.

#3 Flexibility

After earning more per hour, this is usually the key advantage! Casual construction jobs give you the chance to spend more time with your family, while you are studying, or if you have other obligations that you need to work around – especially if you are a single parent as you need more time to be available for your children.
At Dragon, we are constantly working on ways to better control your availability and your schedule – so you can better balance life and work. Find out more about how we give you more control over your work schedule.

#4 Job Satisfaction & Work Variety

As a casual construction worker, you will be engaging in a real variety of work for a whole range of sites, locations and supervisors. If you believe variety is the spice of life, or if you get a kick out of working with new people in places, you will definitely enjoy being a casual worker.


Casual construction work is not for everyone. But for many it provides a useful bridge to a new career and it provides much needed income while studying and looking after family when you may not be able to manage a full time position.

Unfortunately, there are some poor employers out there who make being a casual construction worker painful, unpleasant and even distressing. 

At Dragon we believe that workers need to be treated straight-up and fair. That is why we always pay correctly and on time. In fact, our workers hardly ever need to talk to us – they just hop on the Dragon Worker App and control their own hours and work.

Want better pay & conditions and more control?

Become A Dragon Worker.

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