Tips on surviving your home renovation

Undergoing a renovations however big or small can be one of the most stressful time in your live. Whether you’re updating your kitchen/bathroom or building an extension or home addition we have come up with some helpful tips below to help you from getting too stressed.

Move out if you can

If you are doing a complete knock down rebuild you have no choice to live somewhere else till the work is completed but for smaller reno’s like a kitchen renovation and you must stay, make sure that the areas being worked on are sealed off with plastic sheeting so dust doesn’t spread too much throughout the house.

Hand pick your team

Choose your interior design team and architect early on and hire contactors that you like and most importantly trust, it is much easier to be able to let them get on with jobs without you looking over their shoulders. Be available to answer questions and organise regular site visits.  Before committing to a builder check the licence or work history of any trader at

Safeguard what you want to keep

Existing carpets and floorboard which aren’t being replaced must be carefully covered and sealed to ensure that they don’t get scratched and dusty, this must be properly as you don’t want to be forking out money to replace or fix them. Other things you need to safeguard are doors knobs and doors.

Sticking to the plan

There are things that are in your control and other that aren’t but do your best to ensure that you plan your project as much as you can before construction starts. Changing your mind after may cause a delay to your finish date and also cost you more money. Having an open mind to accept second choices if something get delayed i.e. ordering items from oversea can occasionally get delayed or even sent back due damage during transit.

Contingency funds

You spent months planning your renovation down the finest detail but as with most things in life something unexpected come along. Have at least 10% of renovation budget as contingency and if you don’t use it take it as a  BONUS.

The Dragon Group is made up of three divisions Labour Hire, Recruitment and Property & Development which are expects in residential construction and renovation throughout Sydney. Our Construction manager Paul John Jefferies (No. 64798S) is a Sydney based Master Builder with over 20 years building experience. So if you’re in the lookout for an experienced builder call us for a no obligation chat (02) 9939 2550.

surviving your home renovation

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