Tips For Candidates Working With Recruitment Agencies

So you’re in the market for your next role and wondering whether you should work with a recruitment agency or maybe a recruiter approaches you regarding a role. Whatever the scenario you should always consider your options and decide what is best for you and your career. Below is the The Dragon Group top tips when working with a recruitment agency.

  1. Work with recruiters who are specialists in your field. Most recruitment agencies are specialists in certain industries and job positions, you will probably have a more positive and proactive experience when you work with a recruitment consultant who specialises in your field of work.
  2. Trust the recruiter. In most cases, the recruiter has the experience and wisdom to give you the best advice as you work through your interactions with the client employer.
  1. Be honest.  As a recruiter, there’s nothing that is more annoying than somebody who isn’t telling the truth. Being dishonest means you’ve ruined that relationship. Its highly likely that a recruiter will not call you next time a role comes on their desk, however suited you are to the position you have broken their trust.
  2. Have a questions and answer session with the recruiter. This should really go both ways, but understand the recruiter is trying to qualify you IN and not to knock you out of consideration for this position. They need to know specifics and will ask hard questions. As above just be honest.
  3. Be professional. Transitioning to a new job or career can be stressful, recruiter do defiantly understand this. Always communicate clearly with your recruiter what is the most important criteria for you to make a move. Nothing is more frustrating to a recruiter than doing all the work required to get you the offer to have you then so no.
  4. Understand that recruiters don’t work for you. The clients of recruiters are employers, not job-seekers. Recruitment consultants are always delighted to work with great candidates and if you meet specifications of a current role even better.
  5. Don’t back out of your commitments once you have agreed to be a candidate. Be sure you’re willing to see the process through. Don’t mess the recruiter around, if you’re not serious about pursuing this opportunity.
  6. Let the recruitment consultant negotiate your compensation package. Not only can you discuss your compensation package with your recruiter and get his or her advice, but the recruiter can present your requests to the employer. Recruiter are very good at negotiating salary they do it on a daily basis.
  7. Keep in contact with recruiters you like, even after you’ve landed a job. You never know when you might need them again and you would also like to be on their mind if dream role came their way. Good specialist recruiters also can be a good person to chat to regarding career advice.
  8. Referrals. Help them with a referral. What goes around comes around. Good recruiters always go out of their way for someone that has already gone out of their way to help them.

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