Time to test your smoke alarms

As the clocks went back on the early hours of Sunday morning it’s always good practice to check your smoke alarms when daylight saving starts and ends hence if you haven’t checked them already do so tonight.

We all hear sad stories were the Fire service attends fires which were preventable so below is a quick checklist please visit http://www.fire.nsw.gov.au/home-fire-safety/smoke-alarms.html for more information on protecting your home from fire.


  1. Change the batteries every time you change the clocks. Getting into the habit will mean you are regularly reminded.
  2. Every month clean dust from the alarm and push the ‘test’ button to make sure your smoke alarm is still working. If it isn’t, change the batteries and test it again.
  3. Install your smoke alarm at least three metres away from the kitchen, so it doesn’t go off every time you burn the toast or char the steak.
  4. Never paint your smoke alarm as it will be less effective, and it may impact on your insurance cover.

In NSW, all dwellings must have at least one working smoke alarm per level. FRNSW  recommends having smoke alarms installed in all bedrooms for maximum protection. Smoke alarms are also mandatory for all caravans, campervans, and other moveable dwellings where people sleep – even if the vehicle is kept off the road.

“Only working smoke alarms help save lives,” Commissioner Mullins said. “A fire can take hold in just three minutes, filling your home with deadly smoke. A working smoke alarm gives you vital seconds to get out before you’re overcome.

“Stay out of harm, replace your smoke alarms and ReAlarm your home against fire ahead of winter.”

If you are a senior or a person with a disability and need help checking or replacing the battery in your smoke alarm, contact your local fire station and ask about the Smoke Alarm and Battery Replacement (SABRE) program.

 The Dragon Group is made up of three specialist divisions Labour Hire, permanent placement recruitment and Property & Development all concentrating on providing Sydney a unique offering for the building & construction industry so please make sure you check your smoke alarms at least twice a year. For more information on what the The Dragon Group do please visit our website thedragongroup.com.au or call us on (02) 9939 2550.

Test your smoke alarms

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