The Ever-changing façade of Offsite Construction

New elements are continually being added to the spectrum of offsite construction, it’s pretty hard to keep up. Factory-built complete homes, fully fitted apartment and hotel modules captured a lot of the attention early on. And rightly so, as they represented a dramatically different way of achieving the ultimate build, with reduced construction time on site…

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Contractors VS Employees: Who To Choose?

For a lot of employers in the industrial sector, labour hire is one of the key concerns to be considered before kicking off the project. The choice between employees or independent contractors is an important one, as it can affect both the way that work is allocated as well as the technicalities e.g. payroll and taxation. So…

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State of Origin 2016

State of Origin Press Release

Sydney’s dedicated supplier of labour hire, The Dragon Group, joined a small number of big Australian brands in sponsoring The Holden State Of Origin Games.

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