Sydney's the Greenland Centre

Sydney's New Tallest Building – Our Most Impressive?

Upon completion, no residential building in Sydney will be taller than Greenland Centre, a $400 million tower currently under construction in the city’s central business district. The project, which recently began its above-ground construction phase, promises to bring housing and creative space to a city center already booming thanks to an upswing in investment, development, and labour hire.

In order to achieve its planned height — 68 stories — the Greenland Centre will build around an existing frame and add 44 floors on top. Usable space in the building will range from apartments with one to three bedrooms, to penthouses targeted at more affluent clientele.

Additionally, five floors of the Greenland Centre — around 2,000 square feet in all — will be devoted to a creative space managed by Sydney’s City Council under an agreed-to 99-year lease.

Once finished, Greenland Centre is certain to be an attraction not only for tourists who wish to marvel at its impressive height, but also for those who want to experience more art-focused activities — such as theater, dance, film, and music — Sydney has to offer.

“We strongly believe this redevelopment will complement the site, bringing new life to the location and that our ‘Diamond in the Sky’ will positively impact Sydney’s skyline,” said Sherwood Luo, Greenland Australia’s managing director.

As the project continues through its early stages, skilled labour jobs in Sydney will likely need to be filled at a rapid pace. The city has seen a recent surge in development over the past several years and is currently in the midst of a $62 billion economic boom thanks to these projects. The Dragon Group is prepared to help our clients find the most talented skilled workers for these jobs, evaluating their experience and skill sets so we can match them to each client’s particular needs. It’s what we’ve done since our founding and what we’ll continue to do as new development projects — both residential and commercial — start up in Sydney and add to its economy and, sometimes, its skyline.

Greenland Centre is set to wrap up construction sometime in early 2020. We stand ready to supply the workforce necessary for it and for other projects that spring up around it, and we look forward to seeing what our new “Diamond in the Sky” adds to the culture of Sydney’s central business district.

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