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Has Sydney's Building Boom Reached it's Pinnacle?

Sydney’s Building Boom Reaches $62 Billion

There’s an influx of new spending and an increased need for labour hire in Sydney, and it’s all thanks to the building industry. How much spending, you ask? $62 billion and climbing.

The news comes courtesy of the Herald, which is reporting a “building boom” of sorts has taken hold in Australia’s most populous city, placing physical assets under increased demand as more commercial, developmental, and residential projects start to break ground.

Dragon Labour Hire’s Managing Director, Matt Jones explains “Most of this ‘boom’ spending is funneling into transport infrastructure developments. These developments are located both in Sydney’s central business district and in the surrounding outskirts, and have helped Sydney become an even more alluring option for business and real estate investors looking for the next hot spot”.

But investors aren’t the only ones benefiting from this new flow of cash pouring into Sydney. Building companies are starting to find themselves busier than ever as they try to keep up with the pace of new projects kicking off, and construction recruitment agencies like The Dragon Group placing candidates in labour jobs more frequently than at any time in our history.

Skilled Workers are In Demand

Matt tells us “Between this new investment taking place in and around Sydney and the construction of Sydney West Airport, the demand for skilled workers and labourers has never been higher. Aside from the projects already underway, new office buildings, hotels, and residential housing options are in the planning stages for Sydney’s Central Business District, which will be a boon to the region’s building companies and increase the need for labourers who are up to the task”.

And all the new building in Sydney won’t just be relegated to the Central Business District, where projects will inevitably slow down as space becomes more limited. It’s natural for a building boom to expand outward from cities and continue on, creating more housing, more commercial investment opportunities, and a need for more transit solutions to shuttle people in and out of the city.

As John Sears, the national director of research at Cushman & Wakefield puts it, “Sydney’s development boom is set to drive economic development.”

The Future is Bright

For all of these development projects — the ones already in progress, the ones currently being planned, and the ones surely coming in the future — building companies will have a great need for construction labour hire in Sydney.

The Dragon Labour Hire Sydney Group is already fielding requests to place skilled workers where they’re needed, undoubtedly filling labour roles on an even more frequent basis as Sydney’s building boom continues.
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