Still, Sydney’s Most Immense Construction

Sydney is getting a new development.

Granted it won’t be finished until 2024, but this new project is considered to be a major deal.

It’s called the Barangaroo development and the New South Wales Government believes in it so much they just awarded a $2 billion dollar contract to Grocon.

While mainly for the completion of Barangaroo this contract also expands to, Aqualand, a Chinese- backed developer, and the retail property firm Scentre Group.

Aqualand is leading the residential part of the project.

Scentre Group is funding the retail centre.

Grocon is undertaking the construction and overall design of the project.

This shows Construction Jobs in Sydney are alive and well.


Impact for Residents and Visitors

An important important topic is how will this development either benefit or bother the people of Sydney.

At least as of right now, the development seems to have mainly positives.

Including, the creation of apartments, a hotel, retail stores, offices, a recreation area and a casino.

All of these things combined are not only meant to provide housing to more than 23,000 residents, but the casino, hotel, and retail stores will help to boost Sydney’s economy.


Skilled Labour Hire

A huge domino effect of the Barangaroo Development is new work for those who are qualified and seeking employment.

It looks fantastic on your CV and is a long-term project.

As a result, recruitment agencies are hard at work matching people to positions.


New Contracts Signifies Stability

The perks of this project just keep coming.

A project like this will allow construction workers in Sydney to be able to find their feet.

Allowing the most skilled of workers the chance at new long-term positions.

$2 billion is no small number.



People have their mixed feelings about Barangaroo. It’s another Packer monstrosity, making the rich richer, and the all too obvious rort with Barangaroo being excluded from Baird’s controversial ‘lockout laws’.

Despite these annoyances, it’s boosting the Sydney and NSW GDP massively.

Housing for up to 23,000 residents.

And most importantly, there’s more stable long-term work for Sydney’s most skilled construction workers.

If you’re a skilled labourer we may be able to help you out and find a job for you within this Bangaroo Development project, reach out to us today, let us help you find the right work for you.

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