Resigning From Your Current Job

If you’re currently in the market for a new job or at the later stage of interviewing for a new position at some point in the future you will have prepare yourself for resigning at your current position.

Some people have a hard time in resigning from their current position and others people can’t wait till they leave the place of work for the last time and don’t have to go back. Either way resign and leave in a professional manner.

Please see some tips below on how to resign professionally;

• Letter of resignation to your direct supervisors with a copy for your HR department if you have one.
• You don’t have to go into great detail to why you are leaving but be polite and thank your current employer for the opportunity they have given you to work at the company.
• Be prepared to leave soon after resigning or work your notice – some roles like sales roles will walk employees within a few hours of resigning and other will require you to work your whole notice period out.
• It’s hard to leave your current role but concentration on the reasons why you have accepted a new role. You will also be excited about your new role but don’t brag about it.
• Plan to stay in touch with co-workers, mentors and managers. A good strong network may have positives outcomes in a few years.
• Don’t consider a counter offer unless you are 100% sure it’s better deal for you long term. A lot of people who accept counter offers often still leave the company within the next year.
• Make sure you receive all unpaid salary, holiday, bonuses, superannuation etc etc and have the contact details of whom you should contact if you have any questions after you leave.
• Stay productive during your notice period – You have done a great job during your time at the company so don’t discolour this during your notice period.
• Make the transition as smooth as possible for your employer and offer to help train or find your replacement.
• Leave your current role on good terms and don’t burn any bridges.

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Resigning From Your Current Job

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