Terms of Employment

Terms of Employment

I confirm that the details I have provided to Dragon are true and correct. I understand that the personal and employment related details I have provided will be entered into and held on Dragon’s database. I agree to promptly notify Dragon if any of the information that I have provided in support of my application for employment/referral by Dragon changes. I agree that should it be considered by Dragon or one of Dragons clients, that my ability to work is affected to any degree using alcohol, illegal drugs and/ or other controlled substances, my employment will be terminated with Dragon. I agree not to accept any offer for employment (permanent, temporary or contract work) without Dragon’s written consent, from companies introduced to me by Dragon for a period of 6 months from introduction. I have given full consideration to this restriction and agree it is fair and reasonable. I consent to Dragon sending me information via Short Messaging Service (SMS) and email. I understand that providing false information may result in termination of my employment.

Additional for Temporary/ Contract employees only

I hereby apply to work as a temporary contract employee and agree to be employed on a casual basis, depending on my assignments offered and my availability. I understand that my hourly rate is a casual rate of pay, including but not limited to, payment for annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, notice and severance. It is a condition of my employment that I agree to be transferred to other companies within the Dragon group as may be required from time to time for the purpose of carrying out assignments which are applicable to my level of skill and ability. If my employment is transferred to another company within the Dragon group all my entitlements will be recognized by the Dragon employer to which I am transferred. I also agree that if am employed by Dragon, now or at any time in the future, my employment may be terminated at any time without liability to me for wages or salary except for such wages which I earned prior to the date of my termination. I understand the terms of my employment with Dragon shall be limited in the duration of any temporary assignment as defined by Dragon or its clients which I accept. The completion of Dragon’s application process shall not create any employment contract and/or relationship between myself and Dragon. An employment contract or relationship will only arise between myself and Dragon when I accept an assignment to work on a client assignment and will end at the completion of that assignment.

Kind regards,

The Dragon Group