Questions When Looking For A Builder

Whether you are about to do some minor renovating, building an extension, swimming pool, Granny Flat or adding a new deck to your home you will need to ask the builder or renovator some questions to ensure they are right for you and the project which you are looking to do. The Dragon Group have come up with some questions that you should ask.

What is the history of you and your company?

In building and contraction experience makes a difference.  Ask the builder how and when they got into their profession and what qualifications & training they have got. You want to make sure that your builder has solid background to ensure that they are the right person to run your project.

What services do you offer?  

Every builder with have a range of services which they specialise in but before you engage them for your project you need to have a clear understanding of what the builder can provide for your project.

Have you done a renovation/build like ours before?

Engaging somebody who has done similar projects to yours is very important. For example you’re looking to build a concrete swimming pool you should ask – How many concrete swimming pools have you built in the last two years ?

Can we have a chat to a passed client?

If the answer is a straight no stop right there and thank them for their time and move onto somebody else. Most builders are proud of the work they do and are more than happy to provide this information.

Do you have liability insurance and worker compensation cover?

Hiring a builder which isn’t aren’t properly insured could be putting yourself at financial & legal risk. If they don’t have relevant cover our tip is run a mile!  Professional builders will be able to provide you with proof of Workers’ Compensation coverage and liability insurance.

Will we get a written contract?

Always I mean always have a written contact. The contract set out the agreement between you and the builder in detail. It should have a description of the work to be carried out, materials to be used, the price you will pay and your responsibilities for you and your builder. If you don’t have one you have no evidence that you and the builder have in fact agreed to the same thing.

What warranty do you offer for my building project?

Any professional builder will provide you with a written warranty that spells out what is covered on your project and how long for – just like when you buy a new car.  Also ask how prompt they are in their follow up service.

Dragon Property & Development are experts in residential construction and renovation. Undertaking a range of exciting projects throughout Sydney, we put our clients first, offering flexibility combined with an approachable, friendly manner.

Our Construction manager Paul Jeffries (No. 64798S) is a Sydney based Master Builder with over 20 years building experience. Along with his carpentry team, Paul is responsible for the execution of all projects, certifying the highest quality service.

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