Questions When Choosing A Builder

So you have decided that you’re going to make the next step in building your new home/extension or Granny flat and start looking for the right builder for the project.

First of all do you need your builder to do design services, council approvals, engineering certification, construction certification and survey/geotechnical reports or are you looking at getting a designer to handle this?

Check the builder’s history, you should only deal with licensed traders for work which requires this level of qualification and to check the licence or work history of any trader at also below is some questions which should be asked.

How long have you been in business?
Are you familiar with and enthusiastic about sustainable practices?
What experience do you have in this type of project?
Have you done renovations and additions like these before?
How do you approach reuse, recycling and waste minimisation?
What aspects of environmentally sound construction do you see as most important?
How do you ensure that materials come from environmentally preferred sources?
Are you familiar with certification protocols like GreenTag, GECA or FSC certification?
Are you willing to order materials from nominated, preferred suppliers?
Are your subcontractors environmentally aware?
Which insurances do you carry and what warranty do you provide?
What facilities will you require on the project (e.g. toilet and kitchen access, materials storage in garage or garden area)?
How might you separate the site (dust, noise, vibration) from the living areas?

You should also ask to visit a current project and be able to speak to previous clients where possible. When speaking to previous clients ask them questions around if the builder is well organised, ran a safe site which is clean and tidy within reason and that their employees & contactors are well mannered and polite.

Don’t rush into signing any contacts and before you do make sure that you are able to work with the builder of your choice and have the finances in place to carry out the project.

Dragon Property & Development are specialists in residential construction and renovation throughout Sydney. Our Construction manager Paul John Jefferies (No. 64798S) is a Sydney based Master Builder with over 20 years building experience. So if you’re in the lookout for an experienced builder call us for a no obligation chat (02) 9939 2550.

Choosing a builder

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