Preparing for a Job interview

Great work on securing a job interview! Now let’s not put all that effort to waste in hunting down the right role by not putting the time in preparing for the interview. Preparation is key for you to be at your best and present with more confidence in your interview believe us we have seen a few over the years at Dragon Labour Hire. We hope the below tips will help you secure your next job and get you in the right mind-set.

 A few days before the interview

Try on the outfit which you are going to wear to your interview and make sure it’s appropriate for the type of role you are interviewing for. Ask a good friend for honest feedback on your presentation and try not to wear anything which will distract the interviewer from seeing & hearing what you have to say.

Show initiative and research the company which you are going for an interview at so that you know some information on them like their mission statement, projects, and direction of the company. Check out the company’s website, Linkedin and Facebook pages to see what information you can gather, we also recommend if you have the name of the person who you are meeting with to look them up on Linkedin.

The day before your interview  

Work out how you are going to get to the interview whether you are going to go by public transport or drive. Going by public transport plan the timing of your route and always include walking times from bus/ train stations to the place where the interview is being held. If you’re driving think about the time of day the interview is at rush hour, schools zones will all put extra time on your journey and ensure you have enough petrol and change for parking.

The day of the interview

Have a look over the job description and the company notes you made a few days before. When reading over the job description think of answers that you can relate to from your experiences. All this is quite important as you might be interviewing at a few different places and this will help clear your mind to concentrate on this interview.

Leave plenty of time to get ready and aim to be at the location of the interview around 30 minutes before hand but don’t go in till around 10-15 minutes before the start of the interview.

Most importantly take a deep breathe, relax and just be yourself.

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Preparing for a Job interview

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