Petersham Rugby Club Are Holding The Annual Ladies and Old Boys Day

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Wests Asfield Leagues logoPetersham Rugby Club Are Holding The Annual Ladies and Old Boys Day – Proudly sponsored by Wests Ashfield Leagues Club

This year’s eveTOXTETHnt is to be held on 16th April, the day of our first home game against Balmain; heading to The Toxteth Hotel post-match. For 2016, Petersham Rugby  aren’t just raising funds for the club but also for The Michael Hughes Foundation. The Sydney-based rugby club have decided to use the day to raise money for the charity they hold dear with proceeds being put towards buying a defibrillator for the Mallet Street home ground (in advance of the clubhouse upgrades). You can donate online here.

The local initiative, driven by the PRUFC Committee, hopes to:

  • Raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and overall heart health
  • Provide education on the use of a defibrillator and CPR techniques
  • Fundraise for a defibrillator for the Mallet St home ground
  • Promote and get involvement from local sporting organisations and businesses
  • Honour the memory of Toby Crisp. Toby Crisp, Balmain Rugby Union, passed away, aged 25, after suffering a cardiac arrest in 2014.

On the day, The Michael Hughes Foundation will host a stall to showcase a range of defibrillators, demonstrate CPR techniques, provide information on the issue of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and answer general questions you may have. Professor Chris Semsarian, Molecular Cardiologist, Centenary Institute (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) will donate his time on the day to be involved in this event. Professor Semsarian is an internationally recognised cardiologist with a specialty in sudden cardiac arrest in the young, particularly whilst playing sport.

Yet, again, we hope for the event to be successful and a whole lot of fun and fundraising! Tickets will be available for Ladies at $30 for the day. This includes food, beverages, entertainment, a great seat to spectate all the rugby you can watch on the day, some live music & games. Find the Facebook event here. $5 from each ticket sold will go directly to charity fundraising for The Michael Hughes Foundation.

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