6 Tips for the Best CV

Our 6 Hottest Tips For Your Resume

Creating a good CV can be a tricky task for anyone. For most roles you have about 6 seconds to grab the readers attention.

Unfortunately, many qualified people do not even get through the front door at Dragon, as the CV could never be presented to our clients.

Equally, they’re crucial to you being hired. A great CV stands out almost as if there’s an luminous light around it. Trust me, I’ve looked at a few…

Here’s my top six tips to standout and get hired!


  1. Match Your Skills With The Job Description

We want to see a strong alignment between your skills and those of the ones required. It needs to be relevant. This should be reinforced through the resume.

Be clear and concise. Read the job description and regularly link your experience and skills with this.

The competition for labour hire in Sydney is high, so these details can make a big difference in the type of job you are considered for.


2. Experience and Exposure

Ideally, you have relevant experience. If you do, make this front and centre on your CV. If you don’t have experience, the next best thing is exposure.

How have you been exposed to this type of work through life experience? What have you learned as a consequence? Tell us swiftly, and clearly.


3. Name Drop

If you know people in the industry, who have worked for us, or do work for us – call that out early. The value and strength of a referral cannot be understated.


4. Highlight Your Past Achievements

List your most relevant Achievement at the top of your resume. Perhaps it was the positive comments from a foreman, a nice email from your previous labour hire digs, or something a colleague said anecdotally – if it’s relevant get it in there.


5. Formatting & History

2-pages, maximum. We don’t want to know what you did 10-years ago. Limit to the last 2-3 jobs. Keep your resume focussed on the task at hand – getting this job.

It may also be tempting to include as much text as possible on a single page to talk about all of your accomplishments, but this may actually hurt you. White space and a clean format is important for any resume.

The industry average time spent reading an email is 20-seconds.


6. Relevancy

Hopefully this is a subject which has permeated through article. Keep everything on your CV relevant to the job. If it’s not relevant, it doesn’t go on there, simple.

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