NSW Will Build Two Huge Construction Projects in 2018

NSW Will Build Two Huge Construction Projects in 2018

The government in New South Wales is experiencing some backlash and criticism for spending a significant amount of money to demolish and rebuild two sports stadiums in Sydney in 2018. These projects are expected to cost around $2bn in total. The criticism is due to the fact that the money is being spent on sports venues rather than hospitals and schools needing improvements. While there will be ongoing controversy surrounding this issue, labour recruitment agencies are hard at work to find the best labour hire to fill construction jobs for the two big projects.


ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park

ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park is one of the two major venues being torn down and rebuilt. This is the stadium which held the 2000 Olympic games and is expected to be the premier sports venue in all of Australia when the construction is completed. The new ANZ Stadium is expected to have a seating capacity of 75,000 people and be one of the best attractions and venues to visit in the world. The construction recruitment for quality skilled labour will be ongoing, as the project is expected to take more than two years.


Allianz Stadium at Moore Park

Allianz Stadium at Moore Park is the other major project, and it will take place prior to the ANZ Stadium construction. Allianz Stadium is going to be a much smaller venue, holding only 45,000 people. The construction should not take nearly as long as the ANZ Stadium construction, but the demand for skilled labour hire will still be high.


Impact of These Projects for Labour Hire

Any time a new major construction project in Australia is approved, labour recruitment agencies go to work to fill the jobs with the most qualified candidates. These two projects alone have the potential to be the biggest resources for construction workers seeking jobs in Sydney. Putting all of the other controversies aside, hundreds of labour hire jobs will be available as a result of these two projects, so the outlook for constructions jobs in Australia is positive.

With the New South Wales government approving these two major construction projects for 2018, the construction industry will get a much-needed boost. After several declining years, the construction of these new stadiums could be the start of the increase of major construction projects for the foreseeable future. For more information about the construction of ANZ Stadium, Allianz Stadium, or how labour hire is impacted in general, contact us today.

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