Construction Skills

The Most Marketable Construction Skills in 2017

Construction Skills

Construction Skills

THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY is constantly growing. If you have certain construction skills, you could find yourself as a candidate for some of the best construction jobs in Australia. Some jobs require a specific skill set, but others don’t require extra education or experience. Finding the right fit can be a challenge at times, but that’s where labour hire companies can help. Here are some of the most marketable construction skills that are in demand this year.


Construction managers are always needed, and leadership is one of the first qualities a company looks for in them. Displaying leadership means you must be able to keep projects on schedule from start to finish while staying within a budget. Of course, you must also be able to relate to and manage people in order to be a successful construction manager. If you have displayed leadership skills in a professional setting in the past, you may be qualified for construction manager jobs in Australia.

Masons and Finishers

Laying the foundation for a construction project is arguably the most important. Having experience as a concrete finisher and cement mason makes you in high demand for construction jobs in Australia. These jobs must be done with utmost precision and accuracy, so companies look for contractors with these unique skills and experiences when hiring.


Painters will always be in demand. The great thing about working with a recruitment agency is you don’t necessarily have to have years of painting experience to get jobs in Australia. There is entry level painting jobs available to help you gain valuable experience, which could lead to full-time jobs and better pay.

General Construction Skills

As a general construction employee, you don’t necessarily need a specific skillset. These jobs openings just require someone who is handy and interested in this kind of work. With construction jobs in Australia booming, having general construction skills can provide great opportunities to gain more experience and skills to move into the higher-paying roles you desire.

When it comes to the construction industry in 2017, there are positions opening up every day. Even if you don’t have marketable skills in this area, there are plenty of opportunities to learn on the job in this field. Contact our recruitment agency today for more information.

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