How to find work as a CT Crane Operator?

How to Find Work as a CT Crane Operator?

Finding work as a crane operator can be difficult, but with the right approach and knowledge of the industry, it is possible. Keep reading to learn how to find work as a CT Crane Operator in Australia, including where these jobs can be found, what the typical recruitment process looks like and what salary you can expect for this job.

Where Can I Find These Jobs?

CT Crane Operators are employed by companies that use cranes for construction projects or other industrial applications.

Some examples of employers who hire crane operators include mining companies, civil engineering firms and building contractors.

The Dragon Worker app is a great place to start. Once you’ve downloaded The Dragon Worker app and uploaded your relevant tickets, you can easily find CT Crane Operator roles available.

What Is The Average Salary For This Job?

Once you’ve downloaded The Dragon Worker app, you’ll be able to determine the rates for skilled workers and ticketed workers. The benefit of using The Dragon Worker app over traditional recruitment agencies is our above award wages. The Dragon Worker app is here for the workers and that means paying you above award wages for your hard work!

How Competitive Is The Job Market For This Job ?

Competition for available positions varies depending upon region ; however due increasing demand for experienced personnel coupled with decreasing supply, it has become increasingly challenging finding suitable placements especially those offering higher pay rates and better conditions. That said there are still plenty of opportunities on The Dragon Worker app!

Experience Required:

3 months at Dragon or at least 6 months in Australia

Typical Responsibilities:

Operating CT

Certificates Required:

CT – White Card