The Future of Work/Life Balance is here!

End of Trip Facilities are a new and exciting well being concept being implemented in new build construction across Sydney, promoting healthy lifestyles for businessmen and women working within the new build complexes.


Hendricks International is currently fitting-out an End of Trip Facility in Sydney’s CBD accompanied by Dragon Labour Hire’s best tradies which will be showcased Monday 12 December 2016, Dragon Labour Hire has provided various trades persons for the last 3 months assisting with the fit-out.


Who does it benefit?

The End of Trip Facilities key feature is aimed at bike riders but also benefits runners, walkers, people participating in lunchtime activities who would appreciate the first-class amenities available. We can all feel lethargic and unmotivated to exercise throughout the working week, always finding an excuse or just not having the energy to take part in physical activity.


What facilities are available?

Bike racks:

We all know how busy the city is, the short amount of spaces to park a bike forces us to use public transport as a quicker, easier and less stressful way to start our day. The End of Trip Facilities provide over 100 spaces in the car park to encourage more people to not only strive for a healthier, more active morning but to also to reduce emissions to be environmentally friendly.


Relaxation areas:

One of the most unique ideas is the relaxation room which provides a space for anyone working in the building to kick back and wind down. Whether you are interested in something physical like yoga classes or are just having one of those days where you could do with a break from your desks you can go to the Hydration Bar which provides snacks, beverages and comfy seating for all.


Shower/ changing facilities:

Nobody wants to feel paranoid about smelling all day in an office after exercising. It’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing and is once again something that puts us off being active in the morning. The End of Trip Facilities provide showers and spacious unisex changing rooms so if you ride/run to work or decide to exercise during all hours of the working week you can head back to the office feeling and looking fresh.


If you are planning a new development or your business is interested in improving the health of their employees and their all-round work culture, an End of Trip Facility could be the next step for you! Visit to see how you could look into this great idea!


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