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How Do I Get Jobs On The Dragon Worker App

  1. Log in to your Dragon Worker app and sign your employee contract. You can find this contract attached in your confirmation email.
  2. Go to ‘Account details’ in the Dragon Worker menu and adjust your home address and the distance you would like to travel. Keep this up to date, you will receive job offers depending on this information!
  3. Go to ‘Work Schedule’ and turn your availability toggle on to receive job offers. When you are not available turn this toggle off again.

What Happens When I Receive A Job Offer?

When you have marked yourself as available in the ‘Work Schedule’, you can receive job offers within your chosen distance from home. You will receive a notification when this happens.

When you cannot work and turn your availability toggle off, you decline the received job. This will disable your work toggle until 5am the following morning, meaning you can mark yourself available again to receive job offers from 5am.

When you turn off your work availability toggle without having received a job offer, you can turn it back on at any time.

Morning Check-ins

Everyone receives a morning check-in message every day! 

This is sent 1.5 hours prior to your start time and you will have 45 minutes to accept the check-in. Accepting the check-in opens a timesheet for you. 

For example, when you start at 7am you will receive a check-in notification/message at 5:30am, and you need to accept before 6:15am at the latest.

If you receive a last minute job offer, where the start time is less than 1.5 hours from the current time, you will have 10 min to accept the check-in. Accepting this lastminute job offer means you are getting ready to leave ASAP. 

If you do not check in or you decline the morning check-in, your work toggle will be turned off, and you cannot turn it back on until 5am the following morning. In this case the job will be offered to someone else. If you do not check in for a job you will be replaced, so you cannot show up to the site without confirming in the morning.


Remember, when you finish your shift you need to submit your timesheet every day!

Job Offer Length

All job offers you receive are initially for one day. 

The client might extend your job. When this happens, you will receive a notification and your job will be updated in the ‘Work Schedule’. You will still need to check in every morning to avoid your job being offered to someone else.

Casual Workers & Job Frequency

As you are aware, as a casual worker you might not receive a job offer every day. Our clients will give you a rating out of 5 stars when you finish a job.

The better your ratings, the more work you get offered. So good workers will be rewarded with more work (and in a further development some nice extra rewards from us as well!)