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The Dragon Worker App – Features

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Built by a worker for the workers

Why is it ok for labour hire companies to pay you what they want?
Why do recruitment consultants get paid from your hard work?
Why are labour hire companies making huge profits & paying me minimum wage when I am the one doing the work?

Built for the workers

Dragon worker app is a platform for the casual workforce to gain employment with Sydney’s leading builders in the construction industry we are not a new business we have been servicing our clients for the past 7 years, we have developed our own industry leading technology & it is our pleasure to have you on board with us

Let's start

To get started with us download here & submit a request we will then send you an email to get yourself set up.

If you like talking to recruiters this is not for you, if you want to be paid more for the work that you do on Sydney’s biggest construction projects download now!

Download the dragon worker app

  • Check your email & complete the registration process (be sure to add any tickets you have)
  • Set your radius under the account details tab
  • Turn on your toggle & we will send you some work

Current Jobs for Dragon Workers