Waveparks - the future of surfing?

Australia’s First Surf Park

Fact #1: Australians Love Surfing.

Fact #2: The Ocean Doesn’t Always Cooperate.


Kelly Slater’s Wavepool in Texas, USA, has made big news around the World. And we’re about to get one here in Australia!

But will it be the same?

Will the Surf be as perfect?

Find out the answers to these burning questions here


Let Me Introduce You To URNBSURF

URBNSURF is Australia’s first ever man made surf park. The first park of many will be built right next to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. Costing $28 Million and taking up as much space as the MCG it’s almost bound to become a new Melbourne landmark.  


The Benefits

Any surfer knows how hard it is to catch the perfect wave. Even one of the World’s best surfer’s and recent World Tour Event Winner, Julian Wilson says “the hardest and most important part of surfing, at any level, is reading the Ocean. It takes patience and a watchful eye, it varies beach to beach, day to day, and even then sometimes mother nature just won’t give. URBNSURF is perfect because you’ll never have that problem again. Wave generating technology has promised to provide approx. 84 surfers 1,000 perfect 2 meter waves, every hour. Another element surfers face is once the sun goes down, they much have no other option but to go home. With the new park installing LED lights throughout the pool this no longer becomes an issue. You can surf to your heart’s desire no matter what the sky looks like. And maybe the best part… No shark attacks!


Jobs Jobs Jobs

The new park is bound to be a construction workers dream. Offering up to 300+ jobs in trade work alone. That’s 300+ per park, and there are plans to build 15 all over Australia over the next decade. That’s a promise of 4,500 jobs and long term projects like that are always good in a tradies books. 50 more full time jobs will also be needed within the park. As the park plans to include; rental areas, fitness classes, surf lessons, cafes, restaurants, a rock wall, and bars.


The Next Two Years

As said before the plan is to build 15 parks in total. However, you have to start somewhere first. The two year plan for URBNSURF is to find homes in Melbourne (Easter 2019), Sydney (Summer 2019), and Perth (Summer 2020).

All in all this project seems as though it only comes with benefits. Boosting the economy, providing hundreds of Australians with work, and representing and holding onto the tradition of one of Australia’s number one sports. It makes me wonder why this was never built before.


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