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Do I get sick pay as a casual construction worker?

While working as a casual construction worker has many benefits, unfortunately sick pay is not one of them.

This is because casual workers are not defined as permanent workers. If you work as a casual worker for a recruitment agency or labour hire firm, you will need to confirm with them what your contract entitles you to.

If you need to take sick leave due to coronavirus, you have some additional protections.

While casuals are not eligible for paid sick leave, they are entitled to a number of other benefits, including:

  • unpaid carer’s leave
  • unpaid compassionate leave
  • unpaid community service leave

Unpaid Carer’s Leave

Casuals get 2 days of unpaid carer’s leave when an immediate family member or a member of the household needs care and support. 

This can be because of illness, injury or because of an unexpected emergency. As emergencies are generally unforeseen and sudden, whether you can take carer’s leave depends on the circumstances. 

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Unpaid Compassionate Leave

All employees are entitled to 2 days compassionate leave each time. This can be taken at once, on two separate occasions, or in another form agreed to with the employer.

Generally, you can take compassionate leave every time a person in your immediate family or household contracts a life-threatening illness or injury, or dies. 

Your immediate family includes:

  • spouse or former spouse
  • de facto partner or former de facto partner
  • child
  • parent
  • grandparent
  • grandchild
  • siblings

It also includes the step-parents and children, adoptive relations, and the immediate family of your current or former spouse or de facto partner.

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Unpaid Community Service Leave

Casual Construction Workers are also entitled to unpaid leave if they engage in a voluntary emergency management activity such as an emergency or natural disaster.

This is only if you were requested to be involved, or if you belong to a group that is typically called up during times of crises such as fire-fighting, civil defence or a rescue body.

There is no specific length of leave available as it depends on the length of the emergency.

Unpaid community leave is also available if you are asked to do jury duty, which is paid.

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