Do casual workers get paid more?

Do casual workers get paid more?

Thinking about becoming a casual construction worker? Wondering about how much you’ll make? The good news is casual workers get paid more per hour than an equivalent permanent worker.

But there is a reason for this.

Why are casual workers paid more?

Casual workers by definition are not permanent employees. This means they are not entitled to the same benefits as permanent workers. 

Permanent workers, for example, receive paid sick leave, annual leave, redundancy, as well as other forms of paid leave.

Casual workers, on the other hand, are entitled to unpaid leave.

So, casuals do get paid more per hour, but this is to compensate for the benefits they miss out on.

How much are casual construction workers paid?

Casual construction workers are paid more to account for not being eligible for paid annual leave, paid sick leave and redundancy. 

In the construction industry, under the national award Casual Construction Workers earn an additional 25% per hour.

The precise wages vary by industry and employer.

Working For Dragon

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