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Concrete Swimming Pool Builder Sydney

Dragon Swimming Pools is a leading concrete swimming pool builder based in Sydney that offers a custom built solution to concrete swimming pool market.  Adding a concrete swimming pool to your backyard will add endless hours of fun throughout the year for you and your family but not only that it also can be a great investment to your home as well.

When thinking about building a new swimming the options are endless as it can be built in any shape, size or depth and can be quite confusing. That’s why here at The Dragon Group we take a consultative approach to your new pool and sit down with you to put your ideas to life and help you have that prefect swimming pool your family deserves, so sit back and relax its only matter of a couple of months for your home to feel complete and ready to entertain guests.

Heading up Dragon Swimming Pools is our construction manager Paul Jerfferies (No. 64798S) who is a Master Builder with over 20 years’ experience building and concrete swimming pools installation across Sydney.  Our consultative approach defiantly shows as most of our swimming pool installations comes as word of mouth so high level of being client focus is paying off.

So give The Dragon Group a call today 02 9939 2550 for a no obligation chat to discuss building your dream concrete swimming pool.

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