Clara High Speed Train

Australia’s Magic Bullet?

Australia is the only continent in the World without a high-speed bullet train. Sydney to Melbourne is one of the World’s busiest air routes. Currently, the 4th most traveled, Globally. That we have no alternative than a 10-hour drive or overcrowded air travel… It beggars belief. And if you’re anything like me, you’re sick of…

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Aqualina Apartments

Australian Living Is Getting An Upgrade

Sydney Construction continues to boom – Zone Q Is Turning Australia Into Its Own Personal Sculpture Yard. The Chinese Developer is fast making improvements to Australian living. Buying $349 million of property in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, they’re turning them into beautiful architectural works.   The latest project? A $155 million development in Missions Point,…

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Windsor Bridge is getting a makeover

A Top 5 Bridge in NSW?

  The Hawkesbury River Bridge, in the North-Western Sydney suburb of Windsor, is getting a makeover.   It’s being blown up, and relocated 35-meters downstream.   After 144 years and 20,000 riders a day, it’s fair to say, it’s due.   The main goal originally was to make the Horse & Cart trip across the…

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The Digital Construction Platform

3D Printing: Robotics in Construction Part 2

  In our last article we discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics will change the construction sites.   Now, an MIT graduate has given us a real life example…   Dr. Steven Keating has created a new artificially intelligent 3-D printing machine named  the ‘Digital Construction Platform’ also known as DCP.   The DCP…

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Sydney's New Metro

About Time… Sydney’s New Metro

Characteristics of railway systems found in places such as Singapore, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. 170 metres long An extra 100,000 riders This initiative by the NSW Government is starting to (finally) look legit. In case you missed it, the Sydney Metro is getting a makeover, and this time safety is critical. The new railway system will…

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Waveparks - the future of surfing?

Australia’s First Surf Park

Fact #1: Australians Love Surfing. Fact #2: The Ocean Doesn’t Always Cooperate.   Kelly Slater’s Wavepool in Texas, USA, has made big news around the World. And we’re about to get one here in Australia! But will it be the same? Will the Surf be as perfect? Find out the answers to these burning questions…

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Why Live in a Shipping Container

Why Live in a Shipping Container

Want to live out your days in a shipping container? Of course you do. The hippest new place to live, might not be what you expect… What if I told you that you could have the home of your dreams for less than $100,000? Now, what if I also said you could build this home…

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Still, Sydney’s Most Immense Construction

Sydney is getting a new development. Granted it won’t be finished until 2024, but this new project is considered to be a major deal. It’s called the Barangaroo development and the New South Wales Government believes in it so much they just awarded a $2 billion dollar contract to Grocon. While mainly for the completion…

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Pedro Turns 2 at Dragon!

Pedro Turns 2

2-Years at a company can feel like an eternity.   In today’s more flippant World of people constantly moving around, 2-years is good.   And at a business less than 5-years old, 2-years sees a lot of change.   Pedro has rode the wave, and thanks to his vast experience in labour hire and contracting…

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Sydney Construction Booming

Falling Apartment Prices in Sydney Means More Construction

A real-life Robin Hood moment might be going on. Falling Apartment Prices in Sydney Means More Construction. A market crash has started to occur due to the fact that apartment prices are falling because the demand for houses is rising. I know you’ve heard it all before “Sydney’s growth is unsustainable”, but now, we’re really…

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