Building Western Sydney

At the end of late last year NSW Premier Mike Baird launched a five year plan for Western Sydney to create more than 200,000 new jobs and to upgrade the transport, health and education sectors by 2020.

A Deloitte-authored plan Shaping Future Cities: Designing Western Sydney, wishes to have a more desirable match to when it comes to where Sydney workers live to where the actual jobs are in Sydney. The plan itself has had some great input from the community as a whole and is backed by over 400 community leaders, government and businesses.

With it estimated that more than 52 per cent of Sydney’s population will be live in Western Sydney by 2021 the plan itself is going to try and address the imbalance created that only 38 per cent of jobs will be out there.

Deloitte partner and report author, Theo Psychogios, said Western Sydney was estimated to account for 15 per cent of Australia’s population growth in the next 25 years and the area was “one of the world’s standout urban success stories.”

“Urban growth of this magnitude is now a rarity in the cities of advanced nations,” he said. “There is collective recognition that we have to have a plan to make the most of the opportunities this growth brings, to create and keep jobs in Western Sydney.

“This is a blueprint for change, a vision for maximising opportunity and improving people’s livelihoods.”

The projected job growth couldn’t of come at a better times as the Commonwealth Bank have decided that they are going to move thousands of jobs from its offices in Parramatta, Lidcombe and Sydney Olympic Park  to the Australian Technology park in around four years’ time.

Some of the key measurements in the plan are;

Bringing 200,000 new jobs in Western Sydney by 2020.
Skilling up the local population using incentives, especially around growth industries.
Encouraging start-ups and entrepreneurship.
Investing in already booming catalyst industries such as health and education and helping manufacturers switch to advanced manufacturing techniques.
Lifting workforce participation and supporting disadvantaged groups through training and work transition programs.
Building the Western Sydney Orbital rail line and re-orientating Sydney’s transport system around Parramatta instead of the east.
A new, 15-minute express train service between Parramatta and the Sydney CBD.
Establishing a new Western Sydney Development Authority to drive investment.
Creating a Western Sydney Innovation Corridor to connect the region’s existing innovation hubs.
Developing a 40-year infrastructure vision for Western Sydney to sidestep the politicisation of infrastructure.
Creating Australia’s first STEM school (science, technology, engineering and maths).

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