Building a Concrete Swimming Pool

When you start thinking about building a new swimming pool there are many decisions that you have to consider e.g. the kind of swimming pool fiberglass/ vinyl or Concrete swimming pool.

A concrete pool has no limits and can be a great investment for your home if built right but not only that it can be built to way that you like and isn’t limited by dimensions like fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools.

Concrete Pools can be built in in any size, shape or depth that you desire including in or above ground and the finishing touch can be personalised to how you like with tiles, quartz, pebbles, even coloured render also image the decking and landscaping surrounding your pool will make you home feel complete and ready to entertain guests.

Owning a swimming pool is most peoples dream come true and the flexibility is endless when planning and depending on dimensions, budget your custom built pool is a matter of months away.

Dragon Property & Development are specialists in residential construction & Swimming pool installation in Sydney. Our Construction manager Paul John Jefferies (No. 64798S) is a Sydney based Master Builder with over 20 years in building & concrete swimming pools experience. So if you’re in the lookout for an experienced builder call us for a no obligation chat (02) 9939 2550.

Dragon Property & Development are division of The Dragon Group which also provides Dragon Labour Hire & Dragon Permanent Placement Recruitment services to the Sydney market.

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