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Beijing to Ban Winter Construction to Lower Pollution

Officials in the Chinese capital of Beijing have announced a winter construction ban, which will be in effect from mid-November 2017 through mid-March 2018. This four-month suspension is taking place in order to improve the air quality in the major Chinese city. The reason behind the winter ban, as opposed to other times of the year, is due to the central heating used in homes and offices throughout the city, causing even more air pollution.

There’s an obvious economic impact due to the lack of labour hire jobs available in Beijing during this stretch. Depending on the success of the decision, the question will arise whether other major cities like Sydney, Australia will impose similar bans. Here is more information about the Beijing construction ban and the impacts expected.

What Construction Projects Are Suspended?

In general, all major construction projects requiring significant labour hire will be suspended until mid-March. This includes water projects, demolition projects and road work. However, projects impacting a person’s quality of life can continue for obvious reasons. These projects could include housing, airports and railways.

Expected Impact on Air Quality

China has been battling with air pollution for several years, and this winter construction ban is another large step towards cleaning the air. The goal is to reduce pollution by more than 25% since 2012, and steps like this show how serious they are about reaching their goal. While construction labour hire may not be excited about the lack of work during this time, the projects will proceed as normal once the winter season is over.

Could The Same Requirements Happen in Australia?

Other major cities dealing with pollution will take notice of the success or failure of Beijing’s winter construction ban. While cities like Sydney, Victoria and other major cities in Australia constantly have construction projects going on, the concern of air pollution isn’t nearly as high as it is in Beijing. However, as the population of Australia continues to grow significantly over the next several decades, it would not be surprising to see similar bans or suspensions in the distant future.

The impact of Beijing’s winter construction ban goes well beyond just cleaning up the air. Finding labour hire jobs can be difficult enough, but now workers in the area have to find other alternatives. Be sure to contact us for any concerns you may have about construction labour hire jobs available, specifically in Australia.

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