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What Are Australia’s Biggest Construction Projects in 2017?

As the population of Australia continues its rise, government officials are planning ahead by beginning large construction projects for various purposes. It’s clear the current communities and business centres in Sydney and other cities throughout the country won’t be suitable for the expected population growth. As a result, construction projects are coming up everywhere to be able to handle the demand and population growth.

Construction projects are great for the Australian economy. The demand for skilled labour hire has never been higher, and will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future. Construction recruitment agencies are challenged with connecting the best labour with the appropriate project in order to make the project go smoothly. Here are some of the biggest construction projects taking place in 2017.

Brisbane Airport, Queensland

The Brisbane Airport is currently under construction for a new runway, which is scheduled to open in 2020. The project is expected to exceed the $1 billion mark. But once completed, Queensland will be set up with plenty of opportunities for growth in and around the city, and even the country. This is the largest aviation construction project in Australia currently, so the need for quality labour hire is critical.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Queensland

Sunshine Coast University Hospital wrapped up the primary phase of construction in April 2017 and has been seeing patients ever since. The revolutionary hospital currently has about 450 beds, and further construction may take place to increase the amount to more than 900 beds by the year 2021.

This hospital provides both general and specialised services, which will give the coast and other areas the best healthcare facility in the country. Previously, patients with serious conditions had to travel to Brisbane for specialised treatment, but now the Sunshine Coast University Hospital can provide the same service.

Perth Stadium, Western Australia

Perth Stadium is scheduled to wrap up its construction by late 2017 or January 2018. The skilled labour hire has been working diligently to build this impressive stadium, which will hold events like rugby, soccer, cricket and various entertainment events. It will have a 60,000 seat capacity when it’s completed, which will make it one of the most impressive venues in Australia.

It’s no secret that construction recruitment agencies have been busy matching the best skilled labour hire with construction projects throughout Australia. For more information on the labour hire available, or to find out which construction projects need skilled labour, be sure to contact us.

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