Why Choose Us?

The Dragon Group is a labour hire company that utilises the power of technology to improve the lives of workers and construction site managers across NSW.

Founded by Matt Jones in 2015, the company set out to solve the everyday recruitment challenges faced by both employers and employees, including communication and administration issues, quality assurance, payment disputes and a sluggish, costly hiring process overall.

  • 2017 - Dragon was one of the first labour hire companies to introduce paperless timesheets.
  • 2018 - The Dragon App launched. Australia’s first truly mobile labour hire and management solution for the construction industry, allowing site teams to easily view and book skilled workers.
  • 2020 - Dragon Worker launched. This user-friendly app allows Dragon workers to effortlessly manage payment details, availability and skills, tickets, travel preferences and timesheets.
  • 2021 - Dragon became the first labour hire company to build an embedded app on the Procore Platform.

Together, the Dragon App and Dragon Worker form a unified platform that provides a simple and seamless recruitment experience for both Dragon workers and clients, driving efficiency, increasing accountability and improving conditions. 

The Dragon Group will continue harnessing ground-breaking technology to transform the industry. We design and build our Apps to ensure both Dragon workers and clients have a positive user experience and to improve the lives of everyone involved in the construction industry.