Sydney's New Metro

About Time… Sydney’s New Metro

  • Characteristics of railway systems found in places such as Singapore, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.
  • 170 metres long
  • An extra 100,000 riders

This initiative by the NSW Government is starting to (finally) look legit.

In case you missed it, the Sydney Metro is getting a makeover, and this time safety is critical.

The new railway system will start at the Northwest and stretch 66-kilometres to Sydney’s city and Southwest.

Created by the company @Alstom the new metro system will display characteristics of railway systems found in places such as Singapore, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.


The Updates

The new trains will Reach up to 170-meters and allow for enough room for an extra 100,000 riders.

They will also have three double-sided sliding doors so that passengers have an easier time getting on and off the train.


Air Conditioning!

Once aboard, riders will find that the new look of the train includes heating and air conditioning distributed throughout the train.

Air con in a City which consistently reaches 30-degrees half the year. About time, Sydney.



There will also be two brand new multi-purpose areas for things such as prams, bikes, and luggage. The new design also features both wheelchair access as well as priority seating for those that need it, such as the elderly.


One Big Carriage

Riders will also find that they will be able to see from one end of the train to the other.

No more carriages are connecting to each other with a door in the middle.

Every 4 Minutes

One of the best updates, however, is the fact that trains will be running every four minutes. Creators believe the only time there will be a delay is if some technical issue or significant dilemma has occurred, which is “highly unlikely”. We won’t hold our breath just yet.


Safety is Key

What’s appealing is how much effort and focus is going into protection.

Both regarding building and keeping patrons safe.

When asked what the primary priority is for this new update, creators emphasized safety.

The new train doors will be level with the platform so that the surface is even and riders with prams or riders in wheelchairs will easily be able to enter and exit the train.

The new stations will also have brand new CCTV technology installed on both stations and trains. Also, there will also be station attendants throughout every station, and clear signage so riders are no longer able to find themselves lost or going in the wrong direction.


Jobs Jobs Jobs

As a tradesman in Sydney getting a job on this work site would be an excellent opportunity.

Plans for this site are said to go for an eight-year time frame.

Hundreds maybe even thousands of workers will be needed for the hands-on work, such as tunnel digging, excavation, and building.

Electricians are required for all the technical wiring aspects of the stations, the trains, the shops within stations.

Then people are needed for stations fill out.

After that workers will be required for testing and commissioning. So if you’re looking for work, this is a project that can provide safety and opportunity.

This new project will allow riders more comfortable access to different parts of Sydney.

It provides tradesman in need of work with a job that gives them with worker safety.

If you want help getting in touch with the right people for work on this project contact us and we can give you a way to get in touch with them.

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