Digital Realty Data Centre

500 New Construction Jobs Created in Western Sydney

Digital Realty, the world’s largest full-scale data centre has begun work on their immense 16,360 sq m (170,000 sq ft)new data centre, in Western Sydney. Expected to take up to 12 months, and creating 500 new construction jobs in Western Sydney, the “SYDS11” facility will be connected to the company’s existing SYD10 Erskine Park site as part of a “Connected Campus”.

Digital Realty views Australia as an important market for business, and it’s proven by their construction of a new facility in Sydney. The new facility will be named SYD11 and will be more than 16,000 square metres. Another unique aspect of the facility is it will be a “connected campus” with Digital Realty’s existing facility nearby. The unique plans for the construction are keeping labour recruitment agencies busy, since there are plenty of contractors needed to help complete the massive campus.


New Construction Jobs Created

The new Digital Realty facility is expected to take up to one year to complete the construction process. During this time, labour hire in Sydney will be booming, as up to 500 jobs in Sydney are expected to be created as a result. And once the construction project is complete, there will be up to 30 permanent jobs created, ranging from managers to engineers and some contractors.


Western Sydney’s Economy Expected to Thrive

The Western Sydney economy is already thriving, and Digital Realty’s new facility is expected to improve it even more. As companies continue to invest in the area, Sydney is going to attract even more business. The result will be a continued improvement in the economy, both locally and countrywide. The fact that Digital Realty is making a second significant investment in the area proves there will be plenty of jobs in Sydney for years to come.


Impact on Future Labour Jobs

When a company like Digital Realty shows significant interest in investing in Western Sydney, other companies will take notice. Not only will this new project create new jobs in Sydney, but it could even attract other companies to invest in the area. Companies always want to extend their reach as much as possible, and expanding to Australia is proving to be a viable and valuable option across numerous industries. Digital Realty’s second location in Sydney could be just the beginning of creating the need for more labour hire in Sydney with the potential for more projects opening up.

With the Western Sydney economy not expecting to slow down anytime soon, labour recruitment agencies are working diligently to fill projects with the best available contractors. To learn more about the process and how recruitment agencies in Australia work, be sure to contact us

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