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These 5 Emerging Trends Will Benefit the Construction Industry in 2017

The construction industry is constantly changing. This can be frustrating for construction professionals at times, but new trends can also introduce new and better ways to work on and complete jobs. Read here for some emerging trends that any construction professional will appreciate and benefit from.

The construction agency is constantly changing, and that change is sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, depending on who you ask. The good news is, there are some emerging trends in the construction industry that could positively impact everyone as soon as the end of this year. And not only will the construction contractors and professionals benefit from these trends, but consumers will, as well. Here are five of the top emerging trends you can expect to see in the construction industry this year.

Energy Efficiency

Climate change globally has forced companies to create more energy-efficient products. Labour hire agencies always look for professionals with experience using and incorporating energy-efficient products into new construction jobs. New energy-efficient tools are coming out every day to help construction professionals meet the industry’s ever-changing standards.

Better Quality Materials

Having the highest-quality materials to work with from start to finish will help any construction professional do better work. The materials used for a job today likely aren’t the same materials used on a similar project five years ago. Of course, not all technology has changed during that timespan, but as it evolves, materials are continuing to improve in quality.

Industry Consolidation

Consumers are sometimes frustrated by the fact that they have to work with a design professional, an architect, and the construction crew simultaneously, with each coming from a different company. Now, construction labour hire is becoming more consolidated, and professionals from varying disciplines usually work for the same group. Not only does this make the process more efficient, but communication is improved, as well.

3D Printing

3D printing is gaining steam as professionals continue to experiment to learn exactly how valuable it can be. It’s projected that 3D printing will revolutionise the construction industry, and it’s a matter of when, not if. When labour hire agencies look for construction professionals, those with 3D printing experience are viewed as incredibly valuable.

Digitised Work

Every construction professional can agree that cutting down on paper makes their job much easier. With more contracts, forms, and other paperwork becoming digitised, they are able to work more efficiently and spend more time on the actual construction of projects.

Expect these trends to show up in the construction industry in one way or another this year. Every good construction recruitment agency keeps up with these trends to ensure consumers hire the most innovative and knowledgeable contractors. Contact us today for more information.

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