Working Holiday Visa’s just got even better!

Some new and exciting changes are being implemented to Working Holiday Visa’s (WHV) in January 2017. The Australian Government have announced changes that will be beneficial to not only people who apply for Working Holiday Visas, but for people already working in Australia! Here are some of the key benefits if you’re looking to temporarily work in Australia or extend you’re stay.


Age limit increase 

Previously the only people eligible for a WHV were the spring chickens under 30, in January 2017 this will be increased to 35 so for anyone between 30 and 35 who thought they had missed their chance, think again! There’s no better time to get your golden ticket, summers almost here and hopefully so are you!


Money saving Application fees

Currently the application fees are AUD$440.00 (approx. £274) but will be dropping to AUD$390.00 (approx. £242.00) saving you a whopping AUD$50 (approx. £31) to spend on fun in the sun rather than hats and extra socks to wear on those cold winter mornings onsite in the UK.



The most exciting change for both construction workers and employers is that the Government has doubled the duration you can work for a company in the same location/project from 6months up to 12months! Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) applicants/candidates will benefit more from this change as it provides Dragon Labour Hire the ability to place workers on specific projects providing the applicants/candidates better work stability. With the current booming Sydney construction market employers being focused on fixed term project specific employment. These implementations will further Dragon Labour Hire’s ability to give candidates more time on each project rather than relocating labour on an ad hock basis. With the current construction market being driven by project specific employment.


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